A walk through the world of mycology

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Walking, enjoying nature, breathing fresh air and learning the ins and outs of mycology is what the La Trufa mycological garden, which recently opened its doors in the village of Zagrilla, in the municipality of Priego de Córdoba, offers. These facilities are unique, as it is the only garden associated with mushrooms and truffles [...]

Travelling to a village

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When one reads about, hears about or intends to get to know a village, a small village, a more or less remote place, it is inevitable that certain pre-established images, diffuse or precise memories of childhood, unmistakable aromas linked to the uses and trades of yesteryear, conversations in the light of the fire or in [...]

The colors of Autumn come to Cazorla

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Recently we walked the local path of the Cerezuelo River, very close to the Church of Santa María, in the town of Cazorla, is a short, but somewhat winding and slightly steep route that runs along the right bank of the river and that, due to its marked encasement, enjoys permanent shadows throughout the year, [...]

The thaw

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At some point in time, the most vibrant natural phenomenon occurs in the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas. After an intense snowfall and a subsequent abrupt change in temperature, the cuts, waterfalls, cracks and streams of avenues and rivers are filled with the liquid element, in a ceremony that resembles an orgasm [...]


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